Ama Omega was an early scripter and very prolific forum-poster who co-founded Darkwood in Dore that would later expand to a whole themed sim bearing the same name.

He is perhaps better known for having built and ran "Ama's Arcade and Casino", the first resident-run casino in recorded SL history, located in the Taber sim. Having later joined forces with Alek Wu, he renamed it Omega Games and expanded his business gridwide by making miniature arcade/casinos where he also allowed other residents to place their games. These were located in places such as Eggy Lippmann's Alt-Zoom Disco in Blue, the mostly commercial Aqua sim, and on the southwest corner of Mocha. He also participated in the Linden World theme park attraction competition with an Omega Games casino, attracting more residents than anyone else.

Around version 1.2, he created a freely-available particle script that is still widely used by many residents who have trouble creating their own particles from scratch (or who simply enjoy the convienence of his script).

Ama is now employed by Linden Lab.