Alexei Lutrova, the great philanthropist and mariner, appeared on the grid in late December of 2007. Since that time he has worked to make Second Life a better place, actively working to make it more user-friendly to morons and Wisconsonites. While by no means poor, he has been known to accept large sums of L from anonymous strangers, and has stated that he will continue to do so.


A member of the SL military Sparta since the early part of 2008, Alexei Lutrova has always sought ways to better the group as a whole. He is currently the second in command of the Navy division and one of the directors of the SBD (an elite division of Sparta dealing with low-intelligence communication.) Noted accomplices include Crow Carter, whose own SL page is inferior in quality; Vegna Fouroux, a fellow director of the SBD; and the great shaman Emwasdnah, an expert in the unique application of power tools. Fellow Spartan goon Alind Back is Lutrova's alleged RL brother.


An avowed anti-Communist, Lutrova has on numerous occassions spoken out against the evils of Marxism and its idealogical brethren. In his free time, the man is rumored to take great pleasure in attributing the majority of the world's problems to the evils of Socialism and the people who spread its errors across the Grid. (This goes for pseudo-Commies, too.) While no expert in either subject, he can usually be found building or wasting time (if there is a difference) in the Spartan headquarters of Pacific Breeze. Failing that, the man has been seen accepting large sums of cash from anonymous strangers and has publicly stated he will continue to do so for an indefinite period of time.