There is a large amount of controversy involving this particular person. Though he has been classified as around fifteen to sixteen years old, His behaivor tends to be that of a adult. Though his voice is particularly toned and carries only two emotions of happyness and dullness he is said to be someone who is easy to get along with. Through the years of his activity he has made a large amount of alts some currently in use others below the radar. Most recently it has been reported that Akirian Kytori has admitted to being Alexander. Alexander while easily forgettable since most memories involving him tend to be shunned or hidden due to their nature. He is famous for the Black Templar Movement which was shot down by Xaviar Czervik. The groups goal was the annihilation of New Rome and affiliates. Today he is commonly seen around the Combat Simulators or messing with the armies that are located on the Teen Grid. Reports state he is becoming involved with the Main grid in the form of the Ordo Imperialis but sources are yet to be confirmed.


He has served in almost all of the major teen grid militaries. Ranging from Spartan Empire to New Rome to Black Talon to the saddening fall of Black Wolf Tactics. His current affiliation is with Malificent Hands and is said to be devoted at the least.