The Aksum Imperium is a constitutional monarchy (micronation) founded as a nation in Second Life. It's capital city is Aksum City. There is an active government, judiciary, and military. Aksum is named after an ancient earth trading city and is set in a world away from earth. The Imperium's goal is to bring home all the lost, wandering, roaming people.

Basic Information

  • Official Name: The Aksum Imperium
  • Date of foundation: 19 March 2009
  • Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy: with four branches government (monarchy, executive, legislative, and judicial)
  • Monarch: Emperor Rasim I, assisted by an Imperial Council which consist of the leaders of each branch of governement and other appointees
  • Legislature is chaired in full session by the Grand Steward; and has three chambers, Imperial House of Lords (chaired by the Lord Chancellor), an Imperial House of Representatives (chaired by the Lord Speaker), and an Imperial Senate (chaired by the Lord President)
  • The Judiciary is led by the Lord Chief Justice. The Grand Court of Justice (supreme court) has 8 other members.
  • The Executive Branch consist of a council of ministers, headed by the Seneschal.
  • The military is represented by the Imperial Armed Forces and consists of Army, Naval, Marine, and Aero units.
  • Currency: Aksum credit (exchanged at 1 for 1 with the Linden $)
  • Capital City: Aksum City
  • Motto: Vi et Animo (By Strength and Courage)
  • National Anthem: Also Sprach Zarathustra (played for all major events)
  • Emperor's March: Lux Aterna
  • National Song: If You're Out There, by John Legend.
  • Citizenship: Full citizenship is achieved upon registration on the forums (, completion of the citizenship application, and accepting the constitution.