Fear Raiden 001

Akoyo back on TG. He gave me this picture while referencing something.

Akoyo Henusaki is a fighter on the main grid. He is most active in the SLMC (Second Life Military Community).

Akoyo has claimed to be a member of Second Life since late 2005. This has been confirmed in most sources, allthough there is no concrete evidence to support it. Akoyo has served in a number of militaries in his days on MG, as well as TG.

Akoyo claims to be a man named Raiden Kanya from the Teen Grid. Raiden was known for leading his own military (Name Unkown) in 2007. Raiden was then known for being a member of the military "New Rome." A military led by Kharne Spyker. Raiden was seen as a member of the elite group known as Black Wulf Tactics (BWT.).

Akoyo has been known to be a ranking member in Vanguard, Merczateers, and Ordo Imperialis. It has said by members of other armies that Akoyo is a member of "The Chaos Haereticus" a reborn group fromerly known as Chaos Decretum.

From what I have seen, and what others have seen, Akoyo has a sort of asshole attitude. He appears to be angry most of the time, and tends to troll others as a part of his own amusement.

In a nutshell Akoyo is an angry sadistic asshole combat veteran that goes around killing people.