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Alyssa LaRoche (born 1979, Manchester, New Hampshire) is the owner of Aimee Weber Studio Inc., and the person in control of the Second Life Resident Aimee Weber, for which her company is named for. Aimee Weber is well known as a content creator. She started in January 2004[1] and has been featured in numerous in-world and out-of-world articles. Her trademark wings were actually made by Nephilaine Protagonist, and given to her by someone who looked like a fairy when she was new, on the Morris sandbox.

Aside from her activities in Second Life, LaRoche's 3D design experience includes Bryce 3D and Maya.[2]

  • Under the name Aimee Weber, LaRoche has guest hosted, and been interviewed on the Second Life-centric podcast SecondCast.[3]
  • LaRoche also owns and manages the Second Life island 'Midnight City'.[citation needed]
  • Prior to forming her company, LaRoche created and ran an in-world fashion brand *PREEN*.[citation needed]
  • LaRoche produced what was referred to as the first use of Machinima for educational use[4] when she produced a virtual tour of the solar system.[5][4]
  • LaRoche was the lead author on "Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life"[6]
  • In November 2007, LaRoche was granted a trademark to "Aimee Weber"[7]


*PREEN* the name is actually intended to denote an emoticon. Somebody would say "You look very nice today, Aimee" and i would say "*PREEN*", so it was a logical name for my store

—Interview with SignpostMarv Martin

Prior to forming her company, LaRoche created the in-world fashion brand *PREEN*,[citation needed] described as a "punk ballerina" style. *PREEN* consists of 5 virtual locations with no physical stores currently, although LaRoche has stated that she would love to sell Aimee Weber branded clothing "as a novelty".

*PREEN*'s advertising has a focus on humor, featuring posters around the themes of "*PREEN* Girls Steal" and "*PREEN* Girls Poop"- the latter featuring LaRoche's avatar "Aimee Weber" seated on a toilet.


Aimee Weber Studio Inc.

Incorporated in September 2006[citation needed], Aimee Weber Studio Inc. is formed by a team of 5 permanent staff members:[2]

  1. Aimee Weber - President
  2. Alpha Fluffball - Business Services
  3. Catherine Omega - Technical Services
  4. Toxius Stephanopolis - Avatar Specialist
  5. Kiari LaFay - Animation Specialist


Aimee Weber Studio Inc. has provided services for several real-world business, including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration[8], United Nations[9], American Cancer Society[10], American Apparel[11], Warner Bros.[12], NBC[13] and Save the Children[14]

Major Accomplishments

American Cancer Society

  • Second Life Relay For Life Project - As Project Manager, Aimee managed a 35 person team to create the largest centrally planned project (consisting of 12 regions) in the history of Second Life for the American Cancer Society's virtual Relay For Life event in July 2006, construction of which started in April 2006. See Snapzilla pics.

American Apparel

Warner Bros.

  • *PREEN* a well-known clothing line with a raver/club-kid theme. Preen has been featured in Women's Wear Daily and FORTUNE.
  • Midnight City, a well-known urban build and shopping center featured in Newsweek, Popular Science, and The New York Times.
  • Chase's Manhattan in Hawthorne (one of the oldest and most stable builds in SL)


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Catherine Omega - Aimee Weber's current partner


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