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Acontia is a sim on the western side of Heterocera. It was offered as First Land some time in early October 2005.

The sim was the location of the First Land of Dyne Talamasca from the time the region was available until March 28, 2006, which is its chief notable feature (at least to Dyne). As such, it was also the initial site of Elsewhen Tower and the former home of the Sundown Literary Society.


  • The name refers to a biological weapon employed by certain sea anemones.
  • The largest landholder in the sim at this writing is Fleep Tuque's Eschwan land-holding group. Acontia can be recognized on the map by the large purple "schwa" floating above Eschwans land.
  • Acontia has a neighborhood association, aptly dubbed the "Acontia Neighborhood Association".

Some of the original landowners

  • Jefferson Gould
  • Neo Neruda
  • Kaleb Steinbeck
  • Dyne Talamasca
  • Kain Talamasca
  • Sabane Talamasca
  • Fleep Tuque
  • Elspeth Withnail
  • nand Nerd