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Still other pages are simply redirects to the parent page (like JPG to texture) to make it easier to link without having to remember the parent page name--and case--and dork with more complicated wiki syntax).

See the SL History Wiki:Deletion log for more deleted common terms.

Please leave each term's categories in tact so when the term is moved to its own page once again, or merged into another one, its categories also get transferred.


three-dimensional (3D)



A cylinder is a prim type/shape.


The meter is the basic unit of length measurement used in Second Life to measure things like simulators, objects, and more.



Second Life uses names (made up of text) for most everything: avatars (and nametags to show them--including an optional group, which also has a name), objects and other items, sims, script functions (which can change names of functions, events, etc), etc.

Many glossary terms have multiple names which can mean the same thing.

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A prism is a prim type/shape.


A ring is a prim type/shape.


A sphere is a prim type/shape that can be cut, hollowed, twisted, and dimpleed.


United States Dollar (USD, or simply "$") can be sold for Linden Dollars and vice versa.

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