As proven by the Brian Urlacher drama back in March, dealing with veteran players in contract talks is a slippery slope at best. The Chicago Bears didn't handle it to the liking of everybody, but most media and experts agreed they made a sound business decision and stuck to it. More such decisions may loom in the near future for the charter franchise. Corner Charles Tillman becomes a free agent in 2014. He comes off last season having reached his second consecutive Pro Bowl. Defensive end Julius Peppers meanwhile made his eighth, third since joining Chicago in 2010. His 11.5 sacks were the most he's had since 2008. The problem is the Bears sit in a period of transition. Their new general manager Phil Emery has his own ideas about how the team should operate and early signs say it can't involve too many veterans. This makes even top talents like Tillman and Peppers expendable. The question is will the Bears keep them or send them elsewhere? Since Tillman is the best corner Chicago has it isn't likely the team will move him. Peppers on the other hand is an interesting idea. At age 33 most believe he is over the hill. However, to certain teams he is a perfect bargaining chip. The Redskins fit that mold. Their options in terms of roster upgrade are very limited heading into 2013. An NFL salary cap sanction has robbed them of $18 million in spending money and their trade for Robert Griffin III in the last draft has left them without a first round pick until 2015. Until these factors change Washington is left trying to think up creative answers to their problems. Among the biggest is their pass rush. The Redskins managed just 32 sacks last season. Losing their best outside linebacker Brian Orakpo had lots to do with it. Getting him back should help, but for how long? No one can know how the injury will impact his return, and worse yet he is a free agent next year. With no first round pick or extra cash to find an answer, they are left with finding a short-term bargain. Peppers is one they may like. Though older he hasn't slowed down. He plays equally well against the run and pass and is a top notch locker room leader. Chicago needs draft picks and while Washington can't give up their second round choice they could part with a third and maybe a sixth or seventh. The Redskins could then restructure Peppers' hefty contract to push his cap hit a few seasons down when they will have much more money to spare. Finding perfect solutions to problems is almost never possible. The Washington Redskins need pass rush help, especially if Brian Orakpo plans to leave next year. Julius Peppers won't solve their long-term problems, but he could hold the fort until they find someone who can. news google

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