Regimental Crest

"Wounded Lion" crest, one of the DSEP's insignias.

The Duits Suid-Eurasiese Polisie (English: German South Eurasian Police) is the military police force of the Union of South Eurasia and its surrounding regions (Southern Eurasia). The organization was formed by the Zayats Accords (following the decline of the The Aykhal Pact) in 20XX as a paramilitary, mounted infantry and air-mobile force in order to provide protection for Pioneer Columns, settlers, military installations and citizens; administered by the Seraph Kaiserreich. The unit played a central role in both the First Iron Symphony Landings as well as the iconic Battle of Fort Courage, both of which defensive fronts. As a paramilitary unit, the DSEP has fought along-side the Großdeutschland Wehrmacht across the Eurasian continent, while some members were seconded to the ranks of the Sturm Korps. By 20XX, Southern Eurasia became a self-governing colony of the Seraph Kaiserreich, but the DSEP retained it's position as the senior regiment of the South Eurasian self-defense forces, operating under the arbitrations of the Sturm Korps, until the attempted forced assimilation of Southern Eurasian forces and territories in the Winter of 20XX, resulting in the Southern Eurasian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI), which fundamentally threw off Sturm Korps' colonial reigns on the regions and made the Southern Eurasian territories sovereign formations. Although free from direct Großdeutschland influences, the DSEP's name and insignia remained unchanged by the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

The DSEP are trained as both policemen and soldiers for Counter-Insurgency (COIN) / Fireforce operations, as well as Conventional warfare; usually working in conjunction with standard military personnel as part of the "national service". The DSEP is chiefly a defensive power militarily: supporting standard army units with both ground and aerial initiatives, and a response-force to more remote engagements.

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