With a birthdate of January 10th, 2003, Catherine Omega is one of the oldest Second Life users. Since joining in closed beta, she has maintained a constant presence throughout the years until 2015. As a proficient builder and scripter, she became a member of Tyrell Corporation, the group who created Nexus Prime and Gibson.

In fact, it was Catherine who first suggested the name "Gibson", as it fit the criteria of being a reference to cyberpunk author William Gibson, as well as being named for a 150m-long access road in the southwesternmost corner of San Francisco's Presidio. At the time, all existing sims had been named for alleys in San Francisco, mostly around the Linden Lab offices.

Catherine co-founded and continues to edit the LSL Wiki, now considered the definitive reference for information on Second Life's built-in scripting language, LSL. Her LSL Wiki user profile page refers to a quote by Philip Linden: "Catherine Omega is the most dangerous woman alive."

It is thought that she was the original inspiration behind the fictional Echo Omega character, due to the incredible coincidence of Echo having an Omega surname, and a "real" name of Kat.

Catherine has recently started her own blog about "...virtual worlds, the evolution of the metaverse, and the Singularity."

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